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Rich Howells, as drawn by artist Ted Michalowski

This website acts as a unique portfolio, letting the audience see every aspect of my writing and its gradual evolution from high school until now. On the top menu, you’ll find essays, poems, photography, and short stories, each updated every few months or so. Below that you’ll find five columns, each updated with much more regularity. The purpose of this is to make this site a living, breathing portfolio, one that is honest about by work (by posting pretty much everything, good or bad), while at the same time offering regularly updated content as opposed to a resume and samples from two years ago that no one cares to read. The five columns are:

Comics – These are webcomics I’ve written over the years, particularly Defrocked, which is about a priest and an altar boy debating the, ahem, finer points of religion. This is also a feature on Muckmakers that I cross-post here. Yes, it’s offensive, but a lot of satire is.

Just Kidding – Taking its name from Tool’s “Hush,” these are random humorous rants about various topics that I hope to eventually turn into stand-up/spoken word routines.

Infinite Improbability – This is my outlet for my nerdery, specifically with comic books, movies, and music. (If you don’t get the reference in the name, then it’s probably not for you.) I write a column of the same name for the local paper, but this expands upon what I can do in print by including full interviews, videos, pictures, and other stuff geeks like.

Podcasts – If the title didn’t give it away, this just has links to podcasts I create or participate in.

The Local Beat – These are the raw, unedited versions of some of my articles for the papers I write for full-time. While many are promoting events that may have already passed by the time you read them, I try to select stories that I think are interesting even after the fact, such as profiles and band/artist stories. This is the column where I can be the least creative in both format and presentation, as it is newspaper writing, so take it as it is. Again, this is but a small sample of the 5-8 articles a week I regularly produce, as I have left out my coverage of city and county government for the purposes of this website.