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I had never met anyone before that I knew would be gone tomorrow
But there she was.

In another life, in another reality,
I think I could make you happy.
You remind me of someone I knew
So much
But had never met;
And now I meet you,
And I wonder if you’re her,
Giving me another chance.

So much sadness in your eyes,
But kindness in your words and small talk on your lips.
There’s something they say about girls from your town,
And for the life of me, I can’t remember what it is.

I’m not one for stereotypes.

I bet you’ve gone all these years
Under wraps and under
I bet this is the first poem you’ve ever had dedicated to you.

I don’t know you
And tomorrow you’ll be on your way,
But today, tonight,
I’ve got your attention.
And I’ve got my introspection.
You’ve got your diction.
And I’ve got my convictions.

This is a public place
And I keep my public demeanor.
You laugh at my jokes
And you keep smiling.
I know you see it too,
But tonight is curtain call,
Not the overture.

Over before it starts?
But I’d only break the heart on your sleeve.

I’m just one more excuse to leave.